Welcome to the Tourney of Ymir 49:
The Mischief of Loki

February 23 – 25 2024

Millstone 4H Camp
1296 Mallard Dr, Ellerbe, NC 28338

The Story

Step with us, if you are brave enough, into a tale woven by Jon Thordson, and Magnus Thorhalson. A story of gods and dwarves, of curses and war, and of lust and mischief.

While watching skilled dwarves create a beautiful necklace, Freya decided that she must have it. She offered riches for it, but the dwarves would only part with it in return for a night with her. Loki found out how Freya acquired her new treasure, and shared his knowledge with Odin. Odin demanded that Loki bring him the necklace or never return.

Loki used his wit and shape shifting ability to sneak into Freya’s room as she slept, steal the necklace, and deliver it to Odin. Upon waking and discovering her necklace missing, Freya went to Odin. Odin confronted her about how she had paid for the necklace, and vowed that she may only have it back on one condition. She must enchant two kings with 20 subordinate kings each to battle and die every day only to rise and fight every morning.

Two armies were cursed to battle until they were slain by a Christian army. They fought and died every day for 143 years. Finally, King Olaf Tryggvason sent Ivar Gleambright to the fray. Ivar slew the forces and returned to the king. When the king arrived at the battlefield, everyone and everything had vanished. Only the blood on Ivar’s sword testified to what had taken place.

So, join us in our tale. Create beauty with the Dwarves, or battle with the armies. Be ever cautious, though, for where Loki is found…

Mischief Follows
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