February 11 – 13

Millstone 4-H Camp, Ellerbe NC

The year is 1014, on the east coast of Eire (Ireland). Vikings have ruled the city-state of Dubhlinn for over 150 years. Dubhlinn’s kings, the mighty Descendants of Ivar (Ui Imair), have intermarried with the Irish nobility, and form ever-shifting alliances with the Irish warlords. Sigtrygg Silkbeard, the Norse-Gael son of the deposed Olaf Cuarán and the Irish Gormflaith, is King of Dubhlinn.

Brian Bóruma, descended from the Uí Néill dynasty, has conquered the kingdoms of Eire and consolidated his power until he is declared High King of Ireland. Brian has sworn to break the power of the Vikings in the land forever. Brian has gathered the armies of Munster, Connacht and their Gael allies, and has camped on the plains outside of Dubhlinn.

Sigtrygg Silkbeard has formed an alliance with his Irish uncle, Máel Mórda, King of Leinster, who chafes under Brian’s rule. Sending out a call to Norsemen everywhere, Sigtrygg has forged an army with the Viking hordes of Brodir of Mann and Sigurd of Orkney, who flock to Dubhlinn by way of the sea.

While the Frost Giant Ymir’s icy breath still holds sway over the lands, come join in tourney and battle! Perform heroic deeds in individual and grouped combat as the clash of these two mighty forces will decide the fate of Viking and Gael in Eire forever!