Ymir 45

The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is excited to celebrate the 45th Tournament of Ymir February 21- 23, 2020 at Millstone 4H Camp (1296 Mallard Dr, Ellerbe, NC).

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Ymir 45: Welcome to the Alþingi (Althing)

Welcome to Ymir. It is tenth century Iceland and along with the legal processes that institutionalized barter therein developed the manner by which feuds are conducted. As family fought with family over land, profit, personal insult, and glory the only hope of seeking legal and legitimate arbitration happened once a year at the Alþingi. It is in the best interest of all of the chieftains, and the people of Iceland as a whole, to have these feuds settled legally, through arbitration built upon law and the alliances that each side is meant to secure.

However, the time for a feud has come. The family of Njáll Þorgeirsson has gone to war with that of Gunnar Hámundarson. Needless to say, things have gotten bloody. Only through arbitration at the Alþingi can there be any hope at stanching the bloodshed and returning to a peaceful Iceland. Each family has brought their martial forces and through legal and martial competition, will one family claim victory over another.

What is an Alþingi (Althing)? Representatives of the powerful families of Iceland, all thirty-six Godar, from all four quarters, would come together and elect a lögsögumaðr (lawspeaker). There, conflicts would be heard and arbitrated, laws made, and trading conducted. It was the premier social event of the year hosting weddings, public declarations of alliances, and trade. If one had a bone to pick or perhaps, to sell, this was the event in which the most sympathetic ears and customers could be found. All free men and women could attend and it was full of
traders, craftspeople, and entertainers.

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