Ymir Schedule


  • 5pm - Gate opens
  • 11pm - Gate closes


7:30am Gate Opens
8:30am Small Hall Breakfast
10:00am List Field Court
11:00am List Field Inspections, Authorizations,Lunch/Bake Sale
11:00am Small Hall Silent Auction, Bake Sale, A&S Display
11:00am Great Hall Artisan's Row, A&S Contests
11:00am Classroom Youth Activities Start
12:00pm List Field The Tournament of Ymir Starts
3:30pm Gate Closes, A&S Ends (Collect your Entries)
5:00pm Great Hall Court
After Court Great Hall Feast
After Feast Small Hall Party in the Kitchen
After Feast Small Hall Bardic (starts 30 min after end of feast)
After Feast Great Hall Dancing, Company of St. Arnulf Tavern (starts 30 min after end of feast)

Sunday - 12pm - Site Closes

Ymir Lunch & Bake Sale

The populace of Windmasters Hill will be holding a lunch & bake sale at Ymir this year as a fund-raiser for the barony's general fund. Tasty treats can be purchased at two separate locations on site. One table will be located near the lost and found auction at the top of the hill and another will be located near the battlefield. We plan on also offering hot beverages, soups, chili, and other more savory food items.