Born of the fire of Muspelheim and the ice of Niflheim …
Born in the abyss of Ginnungagap …
Suckled by the cow Auðhumla …

From Ymir’s flesh the earth was created …
From his sweat and blood the seas were created …
From his bone the mountains were created …
From his hair the trees were created …
From his skull the skies were created …
From his brains the cloud were created…
And from his eyebrows the Gods made Midgard, home of the sons of men!

Come pay honors to Ymir, the frost giant from who the world was created!

Of What Part Windmasters?

Many know the mighty tale of
Midgard’s own creation.
Of how the Gods did hew apart
Huge Ymir’s flesh and body
Taking Ymir’s bones and blood
Boldly then creating
From the parts of frost giant
Framed this earth we live on;
His flesh they formed into the soil
Forests grew upon it.
His bones became the mountains;
Boulders formed of his teeth
Yet which part we wonder then
Would form Windmasters’ Hill?
This riddle will we unwrap as we
Ready for Ymir.


The Kittyhawk did come to town
Calling on companions;
He bid the Boreas to join
Beneath Windmaster banners
They then invited Tempest, too
(though he was somewhat surly)
And last called Don Quixote to
Come into their meeting
These four friends
Formed a Barony’s base
And determined to discuss
Details to discover
Which part of Ymir was
Windmasters’ Hill made of


The Kittyhawk then cried out
‘Come, my friends, ‘tis simple’.
Our Barony was built upon a
Bold and loving base
So obvious to all who see
On what our land is built;
Muscle that makes up the heart
Makes this land we live in;
We march as one
With heartbeats harking.
Ymir’s all strong atrium
Allows us to be here!
Grumblings from the group
Grew;  for all did not agree.


The Boreas then boldly spake
Bidding all to hear her;
Ymir’s mass did make
Midgard our precious planet
Which part would be home-
Windmasters’ hill?
A riddle most ridiculous
Rules that blowing Boreas
I know any with eyes to see
Identify what part we’d be;
Our land would be Ymir’s great lung
Lovingly intaking air
With which to speak out
Words of wisdom;
And sing out songs for
Skalds to speak.


The Tempest turned to Boreas
‘tis not true that our land is
Made from mighty Ymir’s lung
Madness just to say it!
Our people are proud and
Puissant at arms-
Fighting in the field
Fills our battle kilns
Our fields and forest
Formed of muscle;
Born is our Barony of the
Bicep of the great giant
Again there was angst;
All did not agree.

And then did Don Quixote
Deign to raise his voice;
Not bicep born nor
Brought by lung
Nor heart did happen to
Hold our creation
Instead it is in Ymir’s dreams
Inside which we formed a nation
It is Ymir’s Imagination
In which our lands were made
Dare not doubt Windmasters’ Hill is simply this;
Dreams of a giant made manifest.