Ymir 46

The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is excited to celebrate the 45th Tournament of Ymir February 26- 28, 2021 at Elchenburg Castle Family Campground, 2239 Center Road Boonville, NC 27011

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  • June 21, 2021: Autocrat selected, full bid details with respect to possible event restrictions are currently under discussion.

Ymir 46: A Gathering of Champions

Welcome to Ymir. It is the year 872 and Harald Fairhair has through much hardship and struggle united Norway under a single banner, his own. Men and women travel from all over the globe to not only celebrate his accomplishment through games and martial activities but also trade their goods and display their arts and crafts.

All seek to curry favor with the new king but a few, harboring ill will and discontent for their new leader, seek vengeance for slights and injustices that Harald committed on his path to the crown. Competitions will focus upon the arts and crafts created by individuals that would have interacted with the Norse before the time of Harald (800-950)? and slightly thereafter.

Military champions will be selected to represent Harald on the field as he prepares to defend his newfound kingdom against all who would openly oppose him.

Key Event Staff

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