Ymir is over for 2017

Thank you all!

So many thanks to the people who put out the woodbin fire – I don’t know your names – you acted quickly to get water from the creek and a fire extinguisher from the kitchen. You turned what could have been a disaster into a brief exciting episode. Also, many thanks to the people who directed traffic and people who got the heck out of the way so the brush truck could get in to make sure it was safe.

Back to the beginning… Thank you Your Excellency Dame Adriana la Breton for having confidence in me and encouraging me to put in a bid. She said “I think you’d be good at it.” Thank you to the wealth of mentors who made themselves available to answer my millions of questions. You all helped me choose great staff and great staff makes all the difference.

I am so grateful to my great staff whose dedication and experience made my first time autocrating experience a joy.

Thank you to my Emergency Deputy/Mentor Possadnik Nikulai Ivanovich who agreed to cover if I couldn’t serve. He was there for me all day making rounds and handling surprises with calm strength. Thank you to Lady Rowan of Hawkridge, our Baronial Seneschal for her solid support both before and day of.

Thanks to Lord Gaelan mac Cuinnegáin and his team for planning, cooking and serving really delicious and well documented food. We can’t wait to try those recipes ourselves. Thank you to Baroness Gwenllian ferch Gwilim and Lord Otto von Schwyz for feeding us a great breakfast.

Thanks to Baron Rufus Barbarossa and his team, and thanks to Master James of Middle Aston and his team who as MOL and MIC made a really awesome day of fighting happen. Thanks to Dame Morwenna and her team for keeping them safe and hydrated. One water bearer – a young man named Joshua – was phenomenal at keeping the MOLs well-watered.

Thanks to Lord Magnus Ulfson for many revisions for field layout and thanks to the people who showed up Friday to help put his plan into action, especially Baron Rufus Barbarossa, Baroness Ia Kazimova and Master Dunstan le Herryngmonger. Thanks to Lady Æsa Þorarinsdottir for registering merchants and to Lord Drogo and Lady Oonagh Rabenwald who helped coordinate Merchant’s Row when Lady Æsa’s responsibilities took her away from the field.

Thanks to Lady Marion le Red for coordinating Arts and Sciences and to both Lady Marion and Master Solvarr Hammarrson for managing the Hall setup and many transitions. Thanks to Lady Sophia the Orange and Lord Manus Mac Dhai for a jam packed and entertaining performing arts track. Thanks to Lord Tankred Bras de Fer and his team for running a heraldic consult table.

Thanks to Lady Caterina di Paulo and Lady Eilon bat Miriam and her team who, as Reservationist and Gate, took all the money and filled all the beds. They did the new PayPal dance and balanced at the end. They welcomed 652 guests! Thank you all for coming. Thanks to all the Windy Kitties who made RINGS! Thanks to Lady Isabela Bourchier de Lovaine and her team for welcoming, educating and clothing newcomers. Thanks to Dame Morwenna for teaching her famous SCA 101 class.

Speaking of 652 guests – thank you to Æinar Sigþórsson and Thyri Eiriksdottir who handled parking Saturday morning skillfully and are eager to do it again next year. Æinar is the Seneschal of the neighboring Shire of Cathanar; we especially appreciated having someone not local handle parking because it meant that more Windmasters didn’t miss morning court.

Thanks to Lady Una Gylðir and Master Dunstan le Herryngmonger for being my voice at different times and different ways. Master Dunstan saved me from speaking in court and Lady Una kept the populace well informed.

Thanks to Baroness Edan Lowery, our Royal Liaison whose assistance was invaluable. Thanks to Sir Jared the Bear and Barunin Sajah for providing a Queen’s hospitality table, and to Lady Rowan for coordinating Baronial Hospitality.

Clean up! So many thanks to Lady Æsa Þorarinsdottir for coordinating site clean up. Thanks to Master James of Middle Aston and Lady Odile de Strasburg who were instrumental in coordinating clean up in the kitchen Saturday Night which allowed us to be “done” with clean up much earlier and more smoothly with than we expected. Lord Manus MacDhai, Lady Marion le Red, and Lord Biorn Eldiarnson did amazing jobs coordinating their respective areas for Sunday morning clean up. Also thanks to the many hands who also helped with clean up including Lady Una Gylðir, Lady Eilon bat Miriam, Rufus Barbarosa, Lord Malcolm Boru, Lady Sophie le Orange, Master Solvarr Hammerson, Lord Gaelan mac Cuinneagain, Lord Brian fitz Gerald, and the many other gentles who pitched in their time and energy to make clean up go so smoothly.

Last but never least, thanks to my husband Lord Brian fitz Gerald for supporting me in a million ways… and for driving the U-Haul and tending the privies.

Fíne ingen Tomaltaig

Born of the fire of Muspelheim and the ice of Niflheim …
Born in the abyss of Ginnungagap …
Suckled by the cow Auðhumla …

From Ymir’s flesh the earth was created …
From his sweat and blood the seas were created …
From his bone the mountains were created …
From his hair the trees were created …
From his skull the skies were created …
From his brains the cloud were created…
And from his eyebrows the Gods made Midgard, home of the sons of men!

Come pay honors to Ymir, the frost giant from who the world was created!

Of What Part Windmasters?

Many know the mighty tale of
Midgard’s own creation.
Of how the Gods did hew apart
Huge Ymir’s flesh and body
Taking Ymir’s bones and blood
Boldly then creating
From the parts of frost giant
Framed this earth we live on;
His flesh they formed into the soil
Forests grew upon it.
His bones became the mountains;
Boulders formed of his teeth
Yet which part we wonder then
Would form Windmasters’ Hill?
This riddle will we unwrap as we
Ready for Ymir.


The Kittyhawk did come to town
Calling on companions;
He bid the Boreas to join
Beneath Windmaster banners
They then invited Tempest, too
(though he was somewhat surly)
And last called Don Quixote to
Come into their meeting
These four friends
Formed a Barony’s base
And determined to discuss
Details to discover
Which part of Ymir was
Windmasters’ Hill made of


The Kittyhawk then cried out
‘Come, my friends, ‘tis simple’.
Our Barony was built upon a
Bold and loving base
So obvious to all who see
On what our land is built;
Muscle that makes up the heart
Makes this land we live in;
We march as one
With heartbeats harking.
Ymir’s all strong atrium
Allows us to be here!
Grumblings from the group
Grew;  for all did not agree.


The Boreas then boldly spake
Bidding all to hear her;
Ymir’s mass did make
Midgard our precious planet
Which part would be home-
Windmasters’ hill?
A riddle most ridiculous
Rules that blowing Boreas
I know any with eyes to see
Identify what part we’d be;
Our land would be Ymir’s great lung
Lovingly intaking air
With which to speak out
Words of wisdom;
And sing out songs for
Skalds to speak.


The Tempest turned to Boreas
‘tis not true that our land is
Made from mighty Ymir’s lung
Madness just to say it!
Our people are proud and
Puissant at arms-
Fighting in the field
Fills our battle kilns
Our fields and forest
Formed of muscle;
Born is our Barony of the
Bicep of the great giant
Again there was angst;
All did not agree.

And then did Don Quixote
Deign to raise his voice;
Not bicep born nor
Brought by lung
Nor heart did happen to
Hold our creation
Instead it is in Ymir’s dreams
Inside which we formed a nation
It is Ymir’s Imagination
In which our lands were made
Dare not doubt Windmasters’ Hill is simply this;
Dreams of a giant made manifest.