Snow Plans

Greeting Atlantia,

I know a lot of you are watching the weather reports with baited breath. Here's what I know: I spoke with the site this morning, they are expecting 2-8 inches of snow tonight done by morning. They have the means on-site to clear the roads. The roads are currently clear. The weekend Fri-Sun is supposed to be clear.

So how does this change our event plans? As some of you know in 2010 we had a foot of snow drop on us at this same site and we still held this event, 328 people braved the weather to attend. We are still having this event!!!! For those who choose not to attend we understand, for those who join us, we're going to have a Ymir to remember!!!!!

Parking will be out biggest challenge. We will handle it, we have a plan B to handle parking we ask for you assistance and patients in moving around the site, we do not want anyone getting hurt or damaging property. If your driving a 4-whell drive and you have a pull chain, please bring it in case you have the opportunity to help pull someone out if needed.

Our 2nd challenge will be the fighting. The current plan is to move fighting and all other activates planned for the field to the top of the hill. So no need to bring your field pavilions. We will do our very utmost to shift things around in the building at the top of the hill to accommodate everyone and all activities.

Archery, I will allow the Archery Marshal to make the call, if we have Archery we will most likely move it by the road to where we normally hold the fighting. This way they are close to the road and assessable as opposed to being out in the back 40. But again I defer to their judgment.

I will be on site Thursday around 4 PM. Once on site I will send out another site update with the current conditions and plans. I ask for your patients and understanding with us dealing with these challenges.

I will be contacting my event staff separately to coordinate these challenges and any others that might come up.

See you at Ymir!


Aderlric Falke

(MKA) Darrell Newman

Autocrat Ymir XL

Registration Open!

ACCEPS Ymir Pre-Registration:

Currently both feast and cabin space have been sold out. However, we have negotiated a group rate for a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Reidsville, NC.

We have a block of 10 non-smoking rooms with 2 queen beds set aside for a rate of $97.00 + tax / night for the nights of February 27 and 28. Please call the hotel directly use the group name "SCA" to get the rate.

Reservation Deadline = February 14th

Hotel info:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Reidsville

101 Express Dr

Reidsville, NC 27320

(336) 361-4000

Hotel Website

Rooms can be cancelled prior to 5 PM Friday, February 27, but we must fill a minimum of 10 rooms to get the group rate.

If you have already made a reservation at this hotel and want to be in the SCA room block, you can call the hotel and ask to be added to it.

Cabin Space Requests

Please note that all requests for cabin space is only a place holder. The only confirmed cabin space is a paid for cabin space! Please forward a copy of your ACCEPS Pre-registration confirmation to our Reservationist Lady Eilon ladymagritte(at)hotmail(dot)com along with the details on any particular group that you would like to stay with. If you have already sent us a cabin space request, please confirm it by sending us you ACCEPS Pre-registration number. See Registration Tab for more details.

Gate Change

On friday night, gate will be located in its usual location at the top of the hill in the Wagoner building. However, on Saturday, gate will be located on the field (weather permitting). Please be aware of this change.

Attention Armored Fighters!

At the request of the Kingdom Knights Marshall, at Ymir this year we will be paying special attention to proper helmet padding. We will inspect every helmet for proper padding. This will be a new standard before every tourney in fair Atlantia, we have the honor of being the first to place this special emphasis on inspecting them. We ask all fighters to inspect their own helmets before arriving at Ymir to ensure that your helmet meets current Kingdom of Atlantia padding standards. We will have some simple repair materials on hand in the event that an issue is identified.

Ymir Schedule


  • 5pm - Gate opens
  • 7pm - Feast Hall - Travelers Fare
  • 7:30pm - Kitchen - Sausage Making Class
  • 9:30pm - Kitchen - Bread Making Class
  • 11pm - Gate closes


7:30am Gate Opens
8:30am FeastHall Breakfast
9:00am List Field MOL Opens
10:00am List Field Court
11:00am List Field Inspections, Authorizations,Lunch/Bake Sale
11:00am List Field (gate) Newcomers Meet & Great + Event Walking Tour
11:00am Archery Field Target and Combat Archery Ranges Open
11:00am Great Hall Artisan's Row, A&S Competitions and Display, Bake Sale
12:00pm List Field The Armored and Rapier Tournaments of Ymir Start
1:00pm List Field Youth Armored Tournament Starts
2:00pm Merchants Row Bardic Performance Competition
3:30pm Gate Closes, A&S Ends (Collect your Entries)
4:00pm Great Hall Commedia del Arte Performance
5:00pm Great Hall Court
7:30pm Great Hall Feast
After Feast Small Hall Party in the Kitchen
After Feast Small Hall Bardic (starts 30 min after end of feast)
After Feast Great Hall Dancing, Company of St. Arnulf Tavern (starts 30 min after end of feast)


10am Great Hall Curia
12pm Site Closes

Ymir Lunch & Bake Sale

The populace of Windmasters Hill will be holding a lunch & bake sale at Ymir this year as a fund-raiser for the barony's general fund. Tasty treats can be purchased at two separate locations on site. One table will be located near the lost and found auction at the top of the hill and another will be located near the battlefield. We plan on also offering hot beverages, soups, chili, and other more savory food items.