Drawing of a battle at the castle Kronborg (Known as Elsinore in Hamlet)

The Martial Field

The Tournament

  • Immediately following court inspections and authorizations will begin in preparation for the day’s tournament.
  • Four pools are to be fought.
  • The top eight fighters from these pools advance.
  • The final eight will be enter a single elimination tournament on a giant cow hide, if a fighter sets one foot off the hide voluntarily (not shoved), they lose the round. The final bout will be to three touches, best two out of three.
  • There will be a Bear Pit run simultaneously with the round of eight for all of the remaining fighters that did not make the top eight.

Rapier Activities

Starting just after morning courts.

  • A novice tourney. Authorization must be less than 3 years old.
  • A “not-a-peer” tourney. Open to all as long as they do not hold a Martial peerage.
  • White Scarf prize fight
  • Cut and Thrust – open to all
  • Open tourney, any authorized fighter can attend.
  • Pick ups on a side field during the day with acting marshals as needed.
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