Tart recipe from "The accomplisht cook, or The art & mystery of cookery. : Wherein the whole art is revealed in a more easie and perfect method, than hath been publisht in any language."

Royall Bakere Competition

As the giant awakens to the conflict between Hamlet and Claudius, Atlantia is looking for a new Royal Baker. This year the competition will be held at the Tournament of Ymir on February 18, 2023.


The Royall Bakere competition will take place in the Feast Hall at the Tournament of Ymir.  

This is a two part competition:

Part one: Create a bread using rosemary. Rosemary is for remembrance – according to Ophelia.

Part two: Hamlet loves tarts. Find your tastiest tart recipe with your most decadent crust and filling that would tempt Hamlet and the others who taste the decadence. Use your imagination!

This is a wonderful, fun competition. No stress. Everyone get out your favorite recipes, document them, and bring your beautiful tasty treats to Ymir.  

You can be the next Royall Bakere! It’s fun!

Please document your entry.

Any questions: Ladylu1217@gmail.com

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