Planned Meals

Saturday Breakfast

(included with cabin fee)

Choice of Two Quiche – meat and cheese, spinach and cheese.
Oat Porridge with dried fruit and nuts – oatmeal with hazelnut and raisin crumble
Fried flans – fried cheese pastries
Fruit with quark – fresh fruit and soft cheese

Saturday Lunch

(Fundraiser for the Kingdom Travel Fund, $5)

Pre-registration required:
Choice of:
Pork and Onion Stew or Chicken and Cheese Soup or Vegetable Stew (Vegan, GF)
Hearty Bread Choice of:
Pear Cheese Pie or Baked Apple
Beverage Choice of:
Warm Cider or Clarrey (non-alcoholic)

Feast Info – Menu TBD

Vegan and Gluten Free* dishes are being planned so that attendees with these needs can get a full meal.

*Note that as a volunteer kitchen, while efforts are made to the best of the staff’s ability to avoid cross contamination, it can not be perfectly guaranteed.

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