About Ymir

Ymir is an annual SCA event in the Kingdom of Atlantia, hosted by the Barony of Windmasters Hill. One of the larger events in Atlantia and traditionally a part of the royal progress, it is both a celebration of the local group and the unofficial start to the spring tournament season.

Notes For Newcomers

  • like all SCA events, garb is required to attend. Typically there is a Gold Key group present to offer loaner garb, but please reach out to us if this is your first event.
  • Pre-registration is strongly recommended. ( Register Here )
  • If you plan to stay on site, then reserving cabin space early is a good idea, otherwise there are many hotel options near by.
  • The weather at Ymir is often attributed to the disposition of Frost Giants, which is to say that it may be sunny and hot or cold and rainy, pack for both.
  • Check the schedule in advance to see if you have questions about any of the activities. If you want to participate in martial activities, we will make sure to get you in touch with the right people.
  • Plan to attend court. Ymir typically has both baronial and royal court, where announcements are made and awards are given. This is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into our kingdom culture.
  • Ask questions! Everyone will be excited to tell you about their craft, martial activity, or research. Don’t be intimidated by anyone’s title or feel like you’re butting in, the whole point of our organization is to educate.

Please use the form below to contact the Ymir staff with any questions or concern you may have

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