All food and drink service will adhere to the the current Atlantian COVID-19 policy.  Please contact the Head Cook or Brunch Cook with all dietary quetions prior to the event.

A hearty Norse-Gael fare will be prepared for your enjoyment! *Due to allergy concerns, this will be a NUT FREE feast.*

Veizla (Feast)

Fyrstr (First)
Rugr brauð með smjör – Rye bread with butter
Skyr – Norse cheese
Súpa – Soup
Epli með honung – Fruit cooked in honey (apples, pears and dates)

Annarr – (Second, next)
Hoensa með wyrta – Chicken with Herbs
Greytur ór bygg með laukr ok sopp – Porridge made from barley with leeks and mushrooms
Sjóðar gras – Cooked greens

Þrir (Third)
Steik – Broiled beef
Sjóðar rót – Baked root vegetables (carrots, turnips, celery, onions)
Óst – Cheese (STC)

Fjórðir (Fourth)
Sætr brauð með jǫrðber ok rjúmi – Sweet shortbread with berries and cream