Arts and Sciences

This Year’s Competitions:

Create a Gold Key piece (to donate)

Any time period, any size, just a piece of clothing that you would have liked to wear at your first event. This garment doesn’t have to be complicated, ornate or crazy; it can be a hood, a tunic, a dress, etc. After the royalty picks their favorite, all pieces will be donated to the event’s Gold Key.

Art/Bardic Performance

Sign up for performances before court/dinner entertainment. There will also be an evening bardic circle around the main campfire after feast.

The War Rages On! Best Norse Art (creatures and runes!) vs. Best Celtic Art (twists and turns!)

Show the world how awesome and so very knotty the Celts were, or how fabulous and mythical the Norse were – Celt or the Norse, the populace will vote for their favorite.  Any media, any creation is acceptable (paper, thread, metal, glass, illumination, song or food!)

Hoard find competition

Anything that might have been part of a hoard or a bog treasure! Perhaps something unearthed in a long-frozen Viking village as the ice recedes? A bead, a tool, a shoe?  Jewelry, pottery, an arrow?  Stolen riches?  Coins?  Points for creativity and being as authentic as possible (no Bog Bodies or skeletons allowed due to health code regulations).

Classes/Teaching – Open – Need volunteers!

Looking for folks to teach 30-60 min classes inside the top building (protected). Can be a lecture, but you must bring your own A-V equipment.  We would love a few make and take classes too!  Please contact Philomene for sign-up.


KASF is next month. Bring samples to taste and get feedback on possible entries or bring what you’ve been brewing all Pandemic.

Questions? Contact Philomene de Lys (Michelle Stech)

* In addition, Their Excellencies Windmasters’ Hill will be choosing Their Static and Performing A&S Champions at this event.  To contact them regarding your desire to enter, send an email to and