Armored Combat

See Martial Activity page for complete messages from Baron Rufus.

Armored Marshal is Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer (

1. A double elimination list.
2. The Three Man Shaitan timed melee tournament.
3. A meet at the fence, any weapons form, fight till you drop.
This will be a special moment for us Atlantia, Duke Ragnarr has asked for cash donations to Syr Aradd Stryker. There will be a collection envelope at the MOL table and all monies collected will go to his family.

For Armored we will have a double elimination list with a set of leathered steel gauntlets as the prize; these were created by Master Eldrid. We will also have a most chivalrous during the tourney with some of Rufus’ private stock sword rattan as the prize. Next it will be the three man Shaitan¬†tournament. Sword rattan is the prize in this once a year opportunity to prove many things. Remember the whole tournament is timed not any one set with the most points wins. Fight fair, fight fast and fight often.