Martial Activity

Stay tuned for Ymir 43 – Feb 2018


2017 info:

To the Fighters of the Known World,
Ymir is upon us! I want to try and give the formats for so you can finish your preparation.

The Armored Field with Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer as your Activity Marshal.

1. A double elimination list.
2. The Three Man Shaitan timed melee tournament.
3. A meet at the fence, any weapons form, fight till you drop.
This will be a special moment for us Atlantia, Duke Ragnarr has asked for cash donations to Syr Aradd Stryker. There will be a collection envelope at the MOL table and all monies collected will go to his family.

On the Rapier Field with Master Flaithri O’Cearnaigh as your Activity Marshal

1. A Blacksword Tourney
2. An all weapons round robin
3. A gauntlet of Masters
4.  Free Scholar Prize fight

On the Youth Field with Baroness Margret Cochrane as the Activity Marshal.

1. All division youth authorizations
2. Division youth Tournaments

On the Archery Field Master Geoffrey Athos von Ulm will be the Activity Marshal and he has a wonderful day planned for those that wish to challenge their Target Archery abilities.

Please note all you wonderful Scadians that at this time none of my Activities has the support they need to accomplish all that is planned. This is an experienced, talented, and dedicated crew and therefore is an
excellent opportunity to learn from.

It will take eight Armored Marshals not including any Line Marshals for just the double elimination list. Please find it in your heart to help with any of these activities if you can.  Fight in some and help with some. Lets all have a Norse and wonderful day!


Rufus Barbarossa

Previous letter:

To the Fighters of Atlantia and those gentles from other lands do I, Baron Rufus Barbarossa send greetings! Ymir will soon be upon us and we have endeavored to provide you with the best situation we can this day. I have asked Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer to be the Activity Marshal for Armored Combat and Master Giacomo Vincènti to do the same for Rapier Combat. Master Geoffery Athos von Ulm will lead Target Archery and Baroness Margaret Cochrane will again cause our younglings to have an excellent day on the field.

We are trying to provide three very different challenges to fighters in Armored and Rapier.

For Armored we will have a double elimination list with a set of leathered steel gauntlets as the prize; these were created by Master Eldred. We will also have a most chivalrous during the tourney with some of Rufus’ private stock sword rattan as the prize. Next it will be the three man Shaitan tournament. Sword rattan is the prize in this once a year opportunity to prove many things. Remember the whole tournament is timed not any one set with the most points wins. Fight fair, fight fast and fight often.

Rapier will have a Darkwood defending dagger as its prize, there will be a most chivalrous in this as well. Next is a Don challenge so come ready to test your best game. It will be a Blacksword Tournament for the third one of the day. Fight till you drop, all weapons forms, face a gauntlet of Masters.

Both the Duke and the Master will hold a third tournament and these are yet to be announced. It is their choice so no fair trying to influence that decision to your advantage before it is announced. (Rapier Third Tourney has now been announced above, Armored still to be determined.)

To all those inspiring MIT in the Kingdom: This is your chance to work with some of the best on the field at an event that counts as out of area for all except you Windkitties. Frankly we always need help of the warranted and the MITs. Further this is the start of the fighting season, helmet padding will be closely inspected make sure bare metal cannot touch your head or neck or you will be asked to repair your helm at Baron Rufus’ “when did they change the rules” table.

Soon our Youth Combat and Target Archery formats will be announced and posted here so get up your teams, fix your armor and prepare for a day filled with friends and one of the year’s greatest challenges on the field of your choice.


Baron Rufus Barbarossa.