Please contact the Merchant Coordinator, if you would like to merchant.

Elvegast Spices.  Canton fundraiser selling spice mixes.

Rabenwald Metalsmyth. Handmade metalwork including; cooking gear, tent accessories, jewelry, and tools.

ThorThor’s Hammer. Brass brooches, buckles, jewelry, Dress accessories, and cloak clasps.

Camelot Treasures. Garb, veils and headgear, belts, pouches, tapestries, toys and more.

Kolls Productions. Viking reproductions in horn, bone, antler and metal. Hand-carved Viking drinking horns and cups, Viking hair sticks, jewelry, needles and other handcrafted items.

Gryphon Furniture. Wood Furniture

Miriam’s Yarns and Fibers.   Wool, cashmere, silk embroidery floss, cotton, linen, and of course the Sari material in silk, cotton and blends, as well as other items for the fiber arts.

Claybaby Pottery. Hand-made ceramics, plates, mugs, and jugs.

Badass Garb.  Specializes in fine  and carefully hand-crafted durable fighting garb, and beautifully tailored feasting garb and garb accessories, with something special for every persona.

Glastonbury Designs.  Clothing, to include cloaks, gowns, shirts, breeches, snoods, cotton socks from Hero’s Haven, and assorted shawls and hand warmers. The items are made from linen, wool, cotton, polar fleece (mostly children’ cloaks).

The Crafty Celts.  Original artist for many pieces of jewelry in the series Vikings. Brass jewelery, pendants, bracelets, torcs, etc.

Egil’s Woodstuffs. Hand-made looms, mirror boxes, and furniture.