Head cook Lady Hrosvitha von Celle (vithacelle@gmail.com) will be preparing the feast.

Please contact her with dietary concerns, prior to the event.

There will be cheese!!!!!

The Cooks of Ymir are NOT PLEASED.

We are not happy with the Norse. They have come. They are not leaving. I guess we have to feed them.

Ymir Dinner for you lucky luck folks on board!
(Menu is still being tweeked)

1st Course: Taking out the Garbage:

Onion Soup with toast and Guyere cheese
Gervais Cheese with bread
Garbage (chicken pate’)

2nd Course: Duck & Cover you Chickens!

Birds in Coffins w/ orange sauce
Navas au Chateinges (Turnips w/ sage & chestnuts)
Broccali with garlic and cheese

3rd Course: A Pie in your Face you Brute!

Salmon & leek pie with Reblochon cheese
Salad of Greens with cherries & goat cheese
Roasted Roots
Squash torte w/ cheese
Norweigen Pastries (Beef & cheese)

4th Course:  Old and  Dried up (but still a sweetie)

Dried fruit torte with cream sauce
Torta Samuccua
Cheese board from the Cheese Competition entrances