His Majesty Calls for Cheese and Mac!

Greetings from Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne

Regarding the Mac & Cheese A&S Tournament of Ymir 44.

The King wants to know . . . . who can create the best Lozenges in the Realm.

Rules for entry.
1. The item that you enter must be inspired by a medieval Lozenges recipe and placed in a crock pot. Please list ingredients and your inspiration. Above all, please follow food safety norms.

2. There will be 1 winner as determined by the King with the help of the populace vote which will be announced in court.

3. All entrants must drop off their item and fill out the registration form by 11 am. 

4. Each competitor will be required to meet up back at the hall by 2:00 pm to clean up their crock pot. 

5. Registration forms will be available the day of the event (A&S Hall).

If you have questions, please pm me.

February 23rd, 2019
Millstone 4H camp
1296 Mallard Drive
Ellerbe, NC 28338