Grand A&S Competion: The Seige of Paris

Hosted by Baroness Michel Almond de Champagne, OL. OP.

Are you inspired by the pillaging of the Vikings? Perhaps you are inspired by the ransoming of the French to get their lands back? In either case, your A&S entry will certainly inspire awe at the Tournament of Ymir 43 Grand A&S Competition – Siege of Paris!

Rules for entry.
1. The item that you enter must be inspired either by the Vikings or the French. Also “no silly English” Ha!
2. There will be 1 winner of the Grand Competition as determined by a populace vote which will be announced in court.
3. All entrants must meet up at 3:00 PM in the History and Learning Center to see their entry raffled off and to obtain an item from the entries. In other words, you will not go home with the item that you brought.
4. Raffle tickets will ONLY be given to people who enter an item in the contest. There is no cost for the tickets and only 1 per entry.
5. Registration forms and Raffle tickets will be available from Michel in the History and Learning Center.

This Grand Competition is about skill and luck.

Will your item win the day?

Will you be lucky enough to obtain your favorite item from the entries?

Enter to find out!