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The event will focus on A&S, with a royal court and bardic. 

Ymir, The giant sleeps, and we shall provide the giant all the comforts we can manage to keep them happy in their home. The arts and science competition will be to create period examples of home comforts. Anything in this theme that makes the home comfortable is welcome, be it nice furniture, a warm blanket, hats, clothing, glasswork, candles, or a nice mead or warm bread. The options are endless; if it would comfort you in dark times, surely it will be a comfort to the frost giant.

This A&S competition will be digital, so pictures and documentation will need to be posted to a public album or website.  Information may be submitted by webform which will be added to the website shortly.  The competition has two parts – a populace choice award, and a Baronial choice award selected by Their Excellencies.  If they wish, entrants may mark their entry to be reviewed and receive feedback based on the 2019 rubric found on the kingdom A&S website. 

All entries will need to be received by February 20th

Please submit your information via the following Google form: