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Static displays and competitions:  Lady Marion le Red (

Hoods and head coverings of the 14th century Norse.

Create, document and show off the best head covering of a Norse culture. Baltic, Rus, Scandinavian, any of the cultures that worked with the late period Norse are included!    This will be a static display, documentation required.

The late period Norse.

What does a 14th century Norse look like, own, use or have. Show us what the late period Norse is, what cultures can be placed as a late period Norse persona.  This will be a static display and populace choice, documentation required.  There will be prizes for adults and minors awarded.

Open displays are always welcome as well.

Artisans Row/ Schola
Baroness Michel Almond de Champagne, OL, OP

Artisans Row/ Schola this year will have the goal of promoting “New to Me A&S”.  Please bring your A&S and help share it with others.  Contact Michel at with space and table requirements.

Scroll Blank Competition: Very Varangian
Hosted by Baruna Sajah bint-Habushun ibn-Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji (

Using a 10th-14th century Byzantine exemplar or a miniature from the Skylitzes Manuscript create a scroll blank for a Kingdom award.  Atlantian illumination judging standards will be utilized –  Documentation required, EZDoc will suffice but further documentation preferred.  Prizes awarded in novice and accomplished categories, novice being a scribe with less than two years experience.

Elementary School Art Classroom Scroll Competition
Sponsored by THL Geffrei Maudeleyne, ( Scrivener Royal and Regional Deputy of the Clerk Signet.

You are asked to make a scroll for anybody you desire, even if they are not in the SCA. It is possible for fun to be had if the person is at the event. If you need to mark it private, do so at registration. The award being given is a “Free Recess.”

Materials are from 3rd grade art classrooms. The items you may use are:

  • Construction Paper
  • Crayons
  • Non-toxic “school” versions of glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint with the following restrictions. The only paint allowed is finger paint. It must be only applied by finger. No brushes.
  • Regular #2 pencil

You may have your choice of any two items that can be found in the classroom. This excludes markers.
NOTE: With so many going without, food such as macaroni is not allowed.

Borders will probably help if you want this framed with an off the shelf mat. You may use any glue you want to adhere your paper to a cardboard backing for stability. If you use glitter, you must seal your work in a plastic sheet protector as clean up at the site does not need this added burden. A nice scroll can be done. I have done two of such and one was presented in court and won a competition. Anyone of any age can enter. If a minor, put age on registration form. Final Rule: You must have fun doing this.

Scrivener Royal Scribal Competition: “Good Youth Deserve Good Scrolls.”
Sponsored by THL Geffrei Maudeleyne, ( Scrivener Royal and Regional Deputy of the Clerk Signet.

Introduction: If the scribe desires original scrolls can be given for kingdom level youth awards. There is a good network of scribes that do scroll blanks for adult awards, but not that many make blanks for youth. Here is your chance to contribute.

The general guidelines are as follows:

The scroll must be for one of the kingdom level youth awards. Images for such can be found either in the Atlantian Herald’s web page link to the Ordinary and Precedence or the current Atlantian Scribe’s Handbook. Recommended sizes are 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11 inches. A space 5 x 7 inches must be left blank for scroll text calligraphy. Entries are to be blank with no text.

Competition Rules and guidelines:

  • Documentation will be welcome but will not be judged.
  • Your art looking like a period piece is encouraged but not required.
  • The work needs to be done on a heavy enough paper to accommodate calligraphy ink.
  • If you have access to pergamentata, for the categories of age 7 and above it would be nice if you would use it. If you contact me I will try to mail you some if needed.
  • Bristol Board or similar paper is also acceptable.
  • It is important to leave at least a one inch margin on all sides to facilitate framing with an off the shelf mat and frame.
  • Please leave a generous amount of space for calligraphy of the scroll text to be added. A blank section approximately 5 x 7 inches or more will help the scribe that finishes the scroll do the calligraphy.
  • Colored markers are not appropriate except for entries under age 7.  Older entrants should use gouache or watercolors.
  • Badges for awards should be rendered correctly. Images can be supplied if needed.

Don’t forget to write in pencil on the back – “Illumination by <<insert your name here>> in small letters along either the top or bottom margins so that it cannot be seen from the front of the scroll. All entries will be collected by Royal Scrivener for use for actual awards. If you really want to keep your work make a note to that effect with the entry.

Supplies and table space will be available at the event. You need to be finished with your work by 3 PM to allow time for judging. Children will need to have a parent close by, preferably painting their own entry.

Categories: Please notate the age of the artist so the judges will know into which category the entry belongs.

I did all the work myself. I had a small amount of help.
Ages 6 and below Ages 6 and below
Ages 7 to 12. Ages 7 to 12.
Ages 13 to 17. Ages 13 to 17.
Adults (sorry help not really allowed other than asking questions)

Setting up guide lines such as margins is not considered help from another person. Pre-School youth can make the scroll for any valid Atlantian or Baronial award and is not limited to youth awards. This is for the very young only.

Adults will be judged by the Standard Atlantian judging criterion. No points will be given or deducted for documentation. See  for details.