Event Staff


Position Staff Member Contact
 Event Steward Lady Rowan of Hawkridge seneschal@windmastershill.org
Deputy Event Steward Jack Stetch  


Reservationist Yrsa Burlufotr (Cathy Edwards) yrsa.burlufotr@gmail.com
 Gate / Cabin Assignments Yrsa Burlufotr (Cathy Edwards) yrsa.burlufotr@gmail.com
Head Cook Baronne Guinievre Monmarche guenievre@gmail.com
Head Server
Kitchen Cleanup Coordinator
 Arts & Sciences Coordinator Mistress Michel de Champagne michel1492@yahoo.com
 Performance A&S
Dance Coordinator
Marshal in Charge Count Christoph Krieger
Armored Marshal
Rapier Marshal Lord Tassin Navatier
Archery Marshal
Thrown Weapons Marshal
Youth Combat Marshal
Youth Rapier Marshall
Minister of the List
Chirurgeon in Charge/ Waterbearing
Field Steward
Merchant Coordinator
Hall Steward  
Parking Reeve  
Gold Key/
Newcomers Point
Herald in Charge/
Heralds Point
Webminister Rowan of Hawkridge
Epic Poet
Set-up and Clean-up