Event Staff


Position Staff Member Contact
 Event Steward Maistir Gaelan mac Cuinnegain, OP lordgaelan@gmail.com
(919) 819-9199 NLT 9:30
Emergency Event Steward Lady Rowan of Hawkridge seneschal@windmastershill.org
Reservationist Lady Dyrfinna Freviðardòttir aine0021@gmail.com
PO Box 12618
Durham, NC 27709-2618
 Gate / Cabin Assignments Lady Allegranza Marcovaldi sewunique@gmail.com
Head Cook Lady Hrosvitha von Celle  vithacelle@gmail.com

or through Facebook messenger

Head Server TBD (contact Hrosvitha if interested)
Kitchen Cleanup Coordinator Lady Diana of Windmasters’ Hill  dianaofwh@gmail.com
 Arts & Sciences Coordinator Mistress Michel de Champagne michel1492@yahoo.com
 Performance A&S Lady Eilon bat Miriam &

Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearguis



Dance Coordinator Lady Wenllyan Goch theoriginalmcc@gmail.com
Marshal in Charge Duke Cuan  macDaige ArthurDonadio@outlook.com
Armored Marshal Duke Cuan macDaige ArthurDonadio@outlook.com
Rapier Marshal Lord Tassin Navetier rapier@windmastershill.org
Archery Marshal Lord Robert Shockley of Avonsford adrian_alma@yahoo.com
Thrown Weapons Marshal Baroness Nuala ingen Magnusa


Youth Combat Marshal Baroness Margaret Cochrane Margaret.cochrane.312@gmail.com 
Youth Rapier Marshall Master Llywd Aldrydd
Minister of the List Lady Rowan of Hawkridge seneschal@windmastershill.org
Chirurgeon in Charge/ Waterbearing Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood (Shrewlet) giagirl1972@gmail.com
Field Steward Lady Caterina di Paolo
Merchant Coordinator Lady Tessa de Spina tessadespina@gmail.com 
Hall Steward Brunhildr  
Parking Reeve Lord Bumba of Attilium  
Gold Key/
Newcomers Point
Lady Isabella de Loviane Bourchier chatelaine@windmastershill.org
Herald in Charge/
Heralds Point
Lord Tankred Bras-de-Fer jimspringle@gmail.com
Communications Maistir Gaelan mac Cuinnegain, OP lordgaelan@gmail.com
Webminister Maistir  Gaelan mac Cuinnegáin lordgaelan@gmail.com
Epic Poet  Master Dunstan le Heryngmongere  RangerNealson@aol.com
Set-up and Clean-up EVERYONE!!!!!  Contact Gaelan
lordgaelan@gmail.com to volunteer.