Event Staff

Position Staff Member Contact
 Event Steward Lady Rowan of Hawkridge seneschal@windmastershill.org
Deputy Event Steward Jack Stetch  jstechsca@gmail.com
Reservationist Yrsa Burlufotr (Cathy Edwards) yrsa.burlufotr@gmail.com
 Gate / Cabin Assignments Yrsa Burlufotr (Cathy Edwards) yrsa.burlufotr@gmail.com
Head Cook Baronne Guinievre Monmarche guenievre@gmail.com
Head Server
Kitchen Cleanup Coordinator
 Arts & Sciences Coordinator Mistress Michel de Champagne michel1492@yahoo.com
 Performance A&S Lord Efenwealt Whistle

Dance Coordinator Lady Wenllyan Goch theoriginalmcc@gmail.com
Marshal in Charge Count Christoph Krieger
Armored Marshal
Rapier Marshal Lord Tassin Navatier jihescheles@gmail.com
Archery Marshal Lady Margaret Ladd

Thrown Weapons Marshal
Youth Combat Marshal
Youth Rapier Marshall
Minister of the List Posadnik Nikulai Ivanovich nikulai@atlow.org
Chirurgeon in Charge/ Waterbearing
Field Steward
Merchant Coordinator Egill Egillswoodstuffs@hotmail.com
Hall Steward Solvarr and Marion solvarr@gmail.com, marionred@gmail.com


Parking Reeve Brian bpfsears1@gmail.com 
Gold Key/
Newcomers Point
Isabela Bourchier de Lovaine paradisebeach48@yahoo.com
Herald in Charge Erna Gwenhwyfar Weale herald@windmastershill.org
Heralds Point
Geneviefve d’Estelle
Webminister Rowan of Hawkridge seneschal@windmastershill.org
Epic Poet Iskender Bey al-Istanbuli
Set-up and Clean-up