Stay tuned for Ymir 43 – Feb 2018


2017 info:

See Martial Activity page for complete messages from Baron Rufus.

Rapier Marshal is Master Flaithri O’Cearnaigh. (flaithri@kandsbennett.net)  Master Giacomo had an unexpected conflict, we appreciate his willingness to serve and Master Flaithri’s willingness to step up with short notice. There are no changes to planned activities.

1. A Blacksword Tourney
2. An all weapons round robin
3. A gauntlet of Masters
4.  Free Scholar Prize fight

Rapier will have a Darkwood defending dagger as its prize, there will be a most chivalrous in this as well.

Next is a Don challenge so come ready to test your best game.

It will be a Blacksword Tournament for the third one of the day. Fight till you drop, all weapons forms, face a gauntlet of Masters.