Performing Arts and Dance

Bardic Critique Circle – Instead of the typical bardic competition, Efenwealt Wystle will be hosting a “critique circle”. Performers are invited to come and share a piece or 2 – be it spoken word, sung, instrumental, or some other performing art. Both soloists and group performances are welcome. If desired other attendees will offer thoughtful critique on your performance. If all you really want to do is perform for a captive audience without critique, that’s fine. Of if you want to sit quietly and be entertained, that is just peachy too.  Performances should relate to the SCA or medieval/renaissance history in some way. Original, partly original, and new-to-you pieces are highly encouraged. Newer performers looking for feedback and advice are particularly welcome.


Lady Wenllyan Goch will host dancing at Ymir. 
More detail to follow.