Performing Arts and Dance

Bardic Critique Circle – Instead of the typical bardic competition, Efenwealt Wystle will be hosting a “critique circle”. Performers are invited to come and share a piece or 2 – be it spoken word, sung, instrumental, or some other performing art. Both soloists and group performances are welcome. If desired other attendees will offer thoughtful critique on your performance. If all you really want to do is perform for a captive audience without critique, that’s fine. Of if you want to sit quietly and be entertained, that is just peachy too.  Performances should relate to the SCA or medieval/renaissance history in some way. Original, partly original, and new-to-you pieces are highly encouraged. Newer performers looking for feedback and advice are particularly welcome.


Wenllyan laments that we have neither Norse nor Rus dances from period. So, here is her creative anachronism to capture the “flavor” of the event.
  • From 1-2 p.m., we will have the Khorovod (circle dances) because the Rus did circle dances, albeit probably very different ones.
  • Where dances are listed with Cyrillic names, we will be doing a version that is done by modern, Russian historical dance groups. The changes are very minor, and fun!
  • The Pinwheel game will be played to a “Kolomejka” tune!
  • We will resurrect the 19th Century Russian song “Korobushka”. Although grossly out-of-period, it transports the dancers in a way that our tried-and-true Italian, French, and English dances simply cannot.
Wenllyan hopes you will give dancing a try at Ymir!
Set 1:  Khorovod (Circle Dances) 1-2 p.m.
Конский бранль (Horses Branle, Rus Style)
Gathering Peascods
Дженни собирает груши (Jenny Pluck Pears)
Pinwheel (a dance game)
Queens Alman
Official Branle
Set 2: After feast & cleanup (approximately 9 p.m.)
Black Alman
Greene Gynger
Черная лошадка (Black Nag)
Petit Vriens
Karobushka (19th Century folk song & dance)
Set 3:
Washerwoman’s Branle
Petit Rose
New Boe Peep
Turkish Branle (SCA Maltese)
Bonus Set:
Hit or Miss
Rufty Tufty
Contrapasso in Duo
Gracca Amorosa